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Office Structure - Financial Regulation


Depository Corporate Activities Unit
The Depository Corporate Activities Unit is responsible for the review and processing of all applications filed by banks, credit unions, and trust companies for new charters, mergers, acquisitions, affiliates, stock conversions, changes in control, branches, foreign bank offices, field of membership changes, and all other approvals required under Maryland law.

Depository Supervision Unit
The Depository Supervision Unit is responsible for the supervision and examination of all Maryland-chartered banks, credit unions, and trust companies.


Licensing Unit
The Licensing Unit is responsible for the licensing or registration of financial services providers including mortgage lenders, brokers, servicers, and originators, consumer lenders, installment lenders, sales finance companies, credit service businesses, money transmitters, check cashers, debt management services providers, debt settlement services providers, and credit reporting agencies.

Non-Depository Supervision Unit
The Non-Depository Supervision Unit is responsible for the supervision, examination, and/or investigation of the business activities of licensees and registrants.

Enforcement Unit
The Enforcement Unit is the investigatory and enforcement arm of the Commissioner and is responsible for investigating fraud-related issues and conducting specialized examinations involving Maryland chartered banks, credit unions, and trust companies, licensed financial services providers, registrants, individuals, and unlicensed business entities, with the goal of uncovering improper business practices and/or violations of law subject to the jurisdiction of the Commissioner. The Enforcement Unit is also tasked with coordinating the enforcement activities brought by the Commissioner, including determining whether action is warranted, referring matters to litigation counsel, and managing the enforcement process should action be taken.

Operations Unit
The Operations Unit is responsible for providing technical and administrative support to the three operational units that carry out the Non-Depository Supervision program. It facilitates the development and maintenance of operational procedures as well as employee training. As part of those responsibilities, the senior manager in charge of the Operations Unit also chairs a committee whose primary function is to facilitate communication and coordination among leadership of the units engaged in non-depository supervisory activities.

The Unit is also responsible for administering the Maryland Foreclosure Registration System and oversight of the Notice of Intent to Foreclose (“NOI”) electronic system. For more information about these systems, see the Maryland Foreclosure Laws and Industry Resources page. To view aggregated foreclosure data (volume received per week and per month), see the Foreclosure Data Tracker page.

In addition to these responsibilities, the Unit provides primary administrative assistance to the State Collection Agency Licensing Board.


The Policy and Consumer Services Unit is responsible for conducting outreach and education, coordinating legislative and regulatory response and investigating consumer inquiries and complaints. Direct outreach is to a variety of audiences including consumers, industry, government partners, and other stakeholders with regard to issue areas impacting the jurisdiction of the Office. Policy support responsibilities include researching policy changes, legislation, and regulations at each of the local, state and federal levels. Consumer financial education responsibilities are geared towards connecting Maryland consumers to effective financial education opportunities, including proactively educating Maryland consumers on the basics of making sound financial decisions, informing Maryland consumers of their rights under State law, and providing Maryland consumers with referral information about local consumer service providers.

The Consumer Services Unit investigates consumer inquiries and complaints involving financial services providers in the State of Maryland with a goal of resolving those complaints. Maryland residents may file a complaint simply by writing a letter detailing the nature of their concern or completing a complaint form. (NOTE: a complaint may be mailed, hand-delivered, e-mailed, or sent by facsimile to the Office).


Administration Unit
The Administration Unit is responsible for providing administrative and support services to the Commissioner and the Office. These services include, but are not limited to, Human Resources, Budget, Procurement, Information Technology, Telecommunications, and space planning.

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